The Ceramica Artistica Pinto by Raffaele Pinto & C. produces an infinity of ceramic objects using various techniques, such as the lathe manufacture and "mother of pearl" technique which consists of applying a transparent iridescent color on surfaces already glazed, on the parts we want to exalt more  and it is fixed by a final  720 ° cooking.


Our products are exclusively hand-made in order to give a unique shape to the clay still damped.  The great experience of our laboratory  allows us to use a lot of techniques such as coiling, slab, lathe, molds etc. Thereafter, the article  undergoes the drying process, and the finished artefact is then sponged and  put in the oven for the first cooking at 1000 degrees.


In this phase, the manufactured is dusted off with compressed air to remove dust residue which can impair the adhesion of the enamel. Hence, the surface enamelling procedure begins which can be done by immersion or spraying. As soon as ceramic art objects dry up, they are ready for the decoration step or, if not needed, for the oven.


The painter decorates, with great care, the object to complete the design, making each product unique and different from one another.


The articles are carefully placed on the carriages for the final baking, after that the objects will have the classic glossy surface with bright colours.